Concretology is passionate in creating well-designed original products with great human values. Our products are integrated with local cultures, aiming to discover the uniqueness and interesting sides of an ordinary item in our daily lives.

We believe good designs can act as a catalyst to enliven our lives, encourage cultural exchanges and also arouse resonance for everyone.

Create with passion

Inspiration comes from our daily lives. We have chosen a different way to depict our affection for the city – to design products from a hongkonger’s perspective who is born and raised locally in Hong Kong.

With inspirations from our daily lives, we aim at bringing surprising products with unremarkable themes to our audience, presenting them the cultural diversity and historical uniqueness of Hong Kong.

Explore with community

We hope the products provide everyone a chance to discover and explore the unknowns of the city. Besides product itself, we also actively work with other artists and NGOs to hold exhibitions of related themes.

Extraordinary craftsmanship

Our path starts from handcrafted concrete products to demonstrate extraordinary craftmanship and technology.

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